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Ecotourism and nature lodges and resorts in British Columbia's wilderness...

The abundance of coastal wilderness, the mountains, old growth forest, natural lore for the birds and animals, and the Native culture and artifacts, make British Columbia the natural" choice for your next vacation.

The province offers numerous provincial and private park areas, and recreation-based resorts and lodges. From excursion cruises to a backyard porches or man-made viewing platform, you can view the many species of animals and birds, that inhabit British Columbia. In the late summer and fall, salmon surge through the river systems as they head for their traditional spawning grounds.

The topography varies immensely, from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Interior Plains, and the Coastal Waterways. This is an area of big skies, wild valleys, mountains and rivers, and an immense variety of wildlife.

The outstanding recreational opportunities include fishing, whale-watching, rock-climbing, wildlife viewing, and high quality hiking and mountain-biking trails, or just spending quiet nights around the campfire.

You can select ecotourism lodges by choosing a region from the list below

Northern B.C.

Caribou - Chilcotin Coast

Victoria - The Islands

Vancouver - Mountains

B.C. Rockies

Thompson - Okanagan

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