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British Columbia hunting lodges, hunting outfitters, camps, and resorts throughout B.C....

Hunting in British Columbia offers the most thrilling of big game hunts. The hunting outfitters across B.C. have the knowledge and experience to make your hunting trip "the hunt of a lifetime"

From the prairies to the foothills, the mountains , the parklands, the boreal forest and the bountiful Canadian shield, the variety of big game and game birds is unparalleled. Small game hunting and waterfowl compliment the abundant big game hunting for Moose, White Tail Deer, Caribou, and Bear.

Many resorts and lodges transform from summer vacation and fishing camps into fall hunt camps with experienced guides for both archery hunters and rifle hunters. Majestic moose roam the rivers, lakeshores, and clearings. Canada is widely known for its first-rate black bear, white tail deer, and caribou hunting. Small game, game birds, ducks and Canada Geese are also abundant.

There are countless areas to hunt and the various outfitters, hunting lodges, and resorts are available to provide guides and supplies.

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