Northern Manitoba Ecotourism Lodges and Resorts

Northern Manitoba Ecotourism Lodges and Resorts

Lodges included in this section are:
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Baker's Narrows Lodge

Activities: Fishing, Fly-in Fishing, Hiking, Ice Fishing, Nature, Photography, Berry Picking, Snowmobiling

Bakers Narrows Lodge located in Northern Manitoba offers a wealth of historical and ecological adventure packages. It is here in the North Country that a powerful combination of rugged land and legendary waters, complimented by the exquisite skyline, strongly lit at night by our Northern Lights, invites you to explore and take home the complete adventure of a lifetime, world class fishing and more...

AURORA BOREALIS TOURS - a three-day package to accommodate those wanting to see of the Aurora Borealis and to learn about some of the history and traditions of Canada’s North. Our area typically sees the Aurora Borealis 185 out of 365 days. They are particularly spectacular in fall and winter. To make a bus tour interesting to a group with various interests, we have partnered with other local people to put together an interesting package.

NATIVE TRADITIONS TOURS - A three-day getaway to discover some native traditions passed on by mouth from generation to generation. This weekend will be a time of discovery, a time of learning and will give you a greater appreciation of the culture of our First Nations people.

Bakers Narrows Lodge 7-Day –Experience the North Tour - Summer and 7-Day –Experience the North Tour -
Winter tours

Location and Acccess: Flin Flon area, - Drive To or Flyin
Accommodation: 2 bdrm cabins
Dining Room -Yes
Store - Yes
Open Year Round
Children - Yes
Play Area - Yes
Pets - Yes
Docking - Yes
Beach - Yes

Athapap Lodge Wilderness Resort

Activities: Fishing, Hiking, Geocaching, Nature, Canoe trips, Family

Magnificent Lake Athapapuskow. The Cree word, meaning "rocks all around", simply does not adequately describe the serene beauty of this Fisherman's Paradise. Are you ready to try your hand at the tackle busting Lake Trout or trophy Northern Pike. If a relaxing shore lunch with some pan fried Walleye is more your style, propane stoves are available to help you safely enjoy your break. To add to your outdoor experience nearly 2,500 km of shoreline, more than 1,100 islands, and several beautiful beaches are there for your exploration and enjoyment.

At Athapap Lodge we that there are many different scenarios when it comes to Eco-Tourism Packages and we offer a wide range of custom packages to suit your needs. Whether the package you are interested in is one of fishing, hiking, sightseeing, geocaching, photography, wilderness canoe trips or a family vacation, Athapap Lodge is located in the heart of some of the best wilderness country you'll ever experience and has something for everyone.

Wilderness Canoe Trips vary from short term to 14 nights and cover routes from Cranberry Portage to Grassy River, Walton to Batty, Moody, Limestone Point, Loon or Burntwood Lakes for Intermediate to Advanced canoe enthusiasts. For more information on the various packages that we offer contact: Chris Bowles at Athapap Lodge. Package Pricing starts at 495.00 CDN / person

Location and Access: Cranberry Portage - Drive to
Log Cabins & Outpost Camp
Dining Room - No
Store - Nearby
Open May - September
Children - Yes
Play Area - No
Pets - Yes
Docking - Yes
Beach - Yes
Language - English

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