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Ontario Moose Hunting

This is one of Canada's most majestic big-game animals. The size of the moose , combined with the vast wilderness, will puts all of your hunting skills and instincts to the test.

The moose hunting outfitters and lodges across Ontario will put you into areas with the best concentration of game. You can travel by boat and on foot. The most successful moose hunters walk in, stake out a feeding area and wait for these giants to appear.

The moose run generally in the 30-50" class. Success depends on your efforts and with a little hunting luck, a trophy bull will be yours.

Many outfitters limit the number of hunters per week to ensure your likelyhood of success.

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Lodges included in this section are:
Algoma Country

Near North (Blue Sky) Region

Thunder Valley Wilderness

James Bay Frontier

North of Superior

Rainbow Country

Sunset Country

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