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Prince Edward Island's premiere fishing lodges and resorts guide to help plan your best fishing vacations ever...

Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing together in PEI

Prince Edward Island offer anglers world class sport fishing opportunities.

The Island provides the visitor with endless freshwater, fly fishing, and salt water charter opportunities. Anglers can fish for salmon, trout and striped bass in the nearby waters.

You will gain a whole new appreciation for charters after you charter a boat and cast your line into the deep blue waters off the coast of Prince Edward Island for cod, mackerel, flounder and herring. In about 20 locations along the Island's shores, boat captains are up well before dawn preparing lines and making sure their crafts are in tiptop condition for the many sport fishers who will venture out onto the sea that day.

During the summer months there is plenty of action for big game fishers as the tuna charters are in full swing throughout June and July. Sport fishers view tuna angling as one of the greatest thrills of their sport.

From tasty mackerel and flounder, to the high energy excitement of sharks and tuna, Prince Edward Island waters are teeming with fish. Our many charter captains will supply the boats, gear, bait and know-how, and all you have to bring along is the willingness to have a whole lot of fun.

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