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Ecotourism Lodges and Resorts in Quebec
Quebec's ecotourism lodges and resorts focus on the study and appreciation of the wilderness environment, the animals, the birds, native customs, and the human spirit.

Majestic whales, river cruises on the St. Lawrence, mysterious monoliths on the Mingan islands, or exploratory travels in the wilderness or mountains, all will contribute to your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Numerous activities and a keen sense of observation will make your visit to Quebec most enriching.

The abundance of wilderness, old growth forest, natural lore for the birds and animals, clean fresh water, and fresh air, make Quebec a natural" choice for your next vacation.
We invite you to develop an appreciation of our natural environment, and discover yourself in the process.

Eco-tourism gives you a new appreciation for nature and a true understanding of your role as both an admirer, and as a keeper. You will leave only your footprint behind and take home only your memories and photos which are priceless.
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Gaspe' - St. Lawrence Lowlands


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