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Black Bear hunting lodges, outfitters, and hunting camps across Canada

The black bear hunting lodges and outfitters across Canada take pride in providing a quality hunt during which you will be exposed to the beauty and vastness of the Canadian landscape. Hunting areas consist mainly in cedar swamps, pine ridges and old growth cut-overs. Much of the the hunting is done over baited stations. The average black bear will be in the 200 - 300 pound range, with the chance of a 450 pound trophy bear.

Select outfitters specializing in Black Bear Hunting in the following Provinces and Territories

Enjoy a professionally handled hunt that gives both the bow or rifle hunter the best possible chance of success. You will hunt over an active pre-baited site with the treestand and shot set up accordingly, or establish your own stand. Many outfitters limit the number of hunters per week to ensure your success.

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