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Caribou hunting is on the upswing in Canada and steadily gaining popularity with American sportsmen every year. For someone who is in reasonably good shape and can walk even short distances, shooting "just any caribou" is an easy task. Taking a true trophy stag, however is a very worthy challenge.

A classic "spot and stalk" quarry, caribou offer impressive trophy heads with magnificent, oversize antlers. Actually, caribou have the largest antlers in proportion to body weight of any of the worlds game animals. Big bulls have handsome white manes which make them stand out immediately, both in the field and on your den wall.

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You simply cannot out-walk a caribou! The best strategy for hunting caribou is either to hide on a trail and wait patiently for a stag to come within shooting range, or walk a lot and try to spot a good bull within a reasonable distance.

Both Rifle and bowhunters should spend a whole lot of serious pre-hunt practice time at home, shooting targets at the greatest distances they can hit consistently. Many of the better stags you spot will be a long way off and moving, but on those special occasions when Lady Luck first nibbles, you may find yourself grinning in the presence of a large herd of big stags meandering by at 100 yards.

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