Canada Ice Fishing Lodges and Resorts Vacations
Canada Winter Lodges and Resorts Vacations

Canada ice fishing lodges, resorts, and outfitters guide for a great Canadian winter fishing adventure...

Ice fishing's popularity continues to grow each year. It's a great way for family and friends to get together and enjoy a winter day on lakes and trails across Canada
As the lakes in Ontario freeze over, an annual transition to the winter landscape occurs. Ice huts begin to appear off the shores and around islands, and soon little villages appear on the horizon. The ice fishermen head for their huts or onto the ice, on foot , by snowmobiles, and by ATV's.
Exciting strikes with the potential for a trophy make this fishing adventure second to none. Nothing tastes better than fresh pickerel (walleye), pike, whitefish, lake trout, or perch cooked over an open fire on shore, or on a stove in your hut.

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Dress warmly, it will be warm in the hut but fresh in the outdoors. Sit back and relax, tell a tale or two, catch some nice fish, and enjoy the view. Where else can you enjoy friends, fresh air, and the great outdoors in such a winter wonderland?

A day's fishing, a weekend package, or a week long trip can be arranged in every region. Most lodge and resort operators are able to provide licenses, heated huts, tackle and equipment, and transportation to and from your hut. Ice fishing trips may also be featured as a sideline while snowmobiling, dogsledding, or enjoying other winter activities.

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