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Healthy Escapes

Canada is a beautiful country with everything you need to make health and fitness the number one item on your getaway plan. Health is very important to Canadians. Interaction with nature, good diet, exercise and fresh air are encouraged. As a result there are many lodges and resorts that have introduced "wellness centres".

Canada means fitness and beauty, health and well being, peace and relaxation. Take some time and pamper yourself, and those you love. Experience haute cuisine and organic vegetarian delights.

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Climb a mountain, take a milk bath. Paddle a wilderness route, let your muscles go with a full body massage. Hike up a mountain, rejuvenate your skin with mud from around the world. Swim in a mountain lake, stretch out in a natural hot spring, or take the waters in a luxurious city spa.

Revitalize yourself with various massage treatments, shiatsu, acupressure, yoga, counselling, nutrition advice and fitness trainers. You can have just one session or spend several days interspersing your activities with the many outdoor activities in all regions.

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