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Canada Tourist Information and Tourism Travel Guide

Tourism and visitor tax refund information to help you plan a successful trip to Canada.

In terms of land area Canada is the second largest country in the world. Not only is the land vast, but the range of experiences available to visitors is almost endless. Canada is a country of very diverse cultural and geographical features. A resource and tourism based economy, Canada offers outdoor activities and adventures unparalleled in the world as well as world class entertainment and dining. We count our lakes in the hundreds of thousands and our rivers by the thousands of miles.

The east borders on the Atlantic Ocean, provinces consist of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick which form Atlantic Canada with its' unbreakable historical, economic and cultural bonds to the sea.

West of here is Québec with a heritage that is treasured by its people, and what many believe to be North America's most exciting city - Montréal.

Continuing westward into Ontario, this is the heart of Canada, with its beautiful parks and lakes and the giant metropolis of Toronto and the city of Ottawa, Canada's capital.

Western Canada, reaches from Manitoba westwards across the prairies of Saskatchewan and Alberta with the dynamic cities of Calgary and Edmonton. The Canadian Rocky Mountains straddle the border with British Columbia.

The West Coast of B.C. and of Canada lies on the Pacific Ocean, the highlight include the city of Vancouver, the floral gardens of Victoria, and the rugged breathtaking beauty of Vancouver Island and the interior.

Not to be forgotten are the more remote regions of Northern Canada with untamed and unspoiled lands and a wealth of attractions for the adventure traveller. This is a sportsman's paradise.

Canadian Visitor Tax Refund: As an international tourist or non-resident, you may be eligible for a Tax Refund on the GST/HST you paid on hotel accommodation, travel tour packages, and/or goods that you take home. You must spend a minimum of CAN$200 (before taxes) of goods and/or accommodation. Eligible receipts show a minimum amount of CAN$50 (before taxes).

You can download the online application form from the Canadian Tax Refund site.


Copy the following address on a good sized envelope: CTR - Canadian Tax Refund P.O. Box 42090 Vancouver, B.C. V6P 6S6 CANADA and bring this envelope with you on your visit to Canada. Enjoy your holiday, and simply save your receipts into this envelope throughout your visit. When you return home, mail the envelope and receipts with your completed application signed and dated. You have up to one year from the date of departure to make a claim.

Travel Tour Packages often include accommodation, meals and transportation. Can you claim a GST/HST refund for this? Yes, you can claim 50% of any eligible taxes.


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