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Imagine a vast land of more than a million square miles located at the top of the world-a land of bracing blue waters, clear air and warm, welcoming people. Welcome to one of the last great frontiers: Canada's Northwest Territories.

Here's a place where you really can get away from it all! And it's fairly easy to travel to the Northwest Territories, with convenient jet airline transportation from major cities. From May through July, this is the Land of the Midnight Sun. Twenty-four hours of daylight.
You can play golf at midnight in broad daylight on a course consisting entirely of sand, far above the tree line?

Experience the wild rivers and the tundra where no trees grow, go fishing for giant trout, see great herds of caribou on their constant migration. Or spot muskoxen and polar bears in the wild.

You can choose to select your resorts by type or activity.

The Dene and the Inuits create exquisite artwork and crafts liketone carving, caribou tufting and quill work. The NWT truly is a land and culture worth exploring.

For visitors seeking unique facilities and services:
"Health Spa's"

Your time is important! To assist with your search for lodges and resorts we have broken the provincial lists down into regions or tourism districts. This allows you to narrow your search by location geographically and/or to work through the smaller groupings on a systematic basis. A descriptive overview is provided for each lodge or resort to help the visitor quickly select and visit only those web sites that meet their individual needs.

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