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Bathurst Inlet Lodge

Activities: Fishing, Nature, Photography, Hiking

ESCAPE TO THE ARCTIC. Come to a land beyond the reach of all roads, to a land that throbs with life during the brief northern summer. As your aircraftcircles to a landing 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle at Bathurst Inlet, the immensity of this land becomes reality. The lodge and small community of Bathurst Inlet are located in Nunavut, some 360 air miles northeast of Yellowknife, on a deep inlet of the same name. Yellowknife is easily accessible in a single day from most southern Canadian cities and some US cities as well. The pace is casual; you can hike to spectacular waterfalls, or gasp in excitement as an arctic char lunges at your lure. Watch as caribou wind their way over ancestral trails, or musk oxen pound over the tundra, their hoofbeats like echoes out of the Pleistocene. Seek a perfect specimen of amethyst, or capture a "pet rock" on an arctic beach.

Bathurst Inlet Lodge provides comfortable accommodations, in a variety of buildings. Each room is carefully outfitted for comfort, decorated with photos or northern art. Beds are comfortable, and bedding is supplied; you do not have to use sleeping bags at Bathurst Inlet. Bathrooms in some facilities are shared; some cabins have their own. Most facilities have showers, but the new cabins share a heated shower house.

At our camps, the fishing is pristine.....superb, and an incredible experience. At Tundra Camp/Burnside Lodge, for example, there are unforgettable fly-fishing opportunities for surface-feeding lake trout, arctic char, and large arctic grayling. Other camps are just as good, and we will supply you with maps and information about the fishing "hot spots" and the correct tackle to bring.
Our Esker Lodge at Pellatt Lake, located on a long esker system, offers insulated cabins with oil heaters, a larger kitchen tent, generator building, boats/motors, canoes, and all you will need. This lake is definitely underfished, and offers huge lake trout and streams with large grayling. Several additional camps are also available for sport fishing. All our camps are available as do-it-yourself experiences, as full-service camps, or anything in between. We can package your trip from Yellowknife or from Edmonton.

Location and Access: Bathurst Inlet, - Fly in
Accommodation: Lodge & Outposts
Dining Room -Yes
Store - Gift Shop
Open Year Round
Children - Yes
Conference Facilities - Yes
Pets - No
Docking - No
Beach - No

Ennadai Lake Lodge

Activities: Sport Fishing, Nature, Photography

Ennadai Lake Lodge is a fly-in fishing lodge with an initial capacity of twenty-two guests per rotation. Ennadai Lake, Angikuni Lake and the Kazan River joining these two lakes are in an area of Canada that is truly untouched. We have the ability to offer a truly unique fishing experience in this day and age. Fishing untouched water to most anglers is a dream come true-fishing an area that no one else ever has. Three species inhabit these waters: lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling. Imagine drifting a fly down the Kazan, possibly being taken by a five pound grayling, casting a pike bay catching dozens of pike or trolling a drop off looking for a thirty- pound-plus trout. Now imagine doing all of this in one day. Whether you're a spin-cast or fly-fish enthusiast, your passion and your dreams can be satisfied here.

We are a new lodge in a new area and because of that we will establish a strict catch and release policy for trophy fish, ensuring that this natural resource remains as it is today. Our equipment and facilities are brand new and world class, making your fishing trip more enjoyable and complete.
Everything at Cawker & Young Outfitting is new. We are offering something that very few can-the fishing trip of a lifetime. Ennadai Lake is on the treeline and the remaining area is in the barren lands. Because these lakes are on a river system they are biologically prolific, especially on and around Ennadai Lake. The most recently discovered inland Inuit tribe was found on Ennadai Lake.

Guests of our first-class, fully-guided fishing adventures will be flown in from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Location and Acccess: Ennadai Lake, - Float Plane
Accommodation: Lodge Rooms
Dining Room -Yes
Store - No
Open May - September
Children - Yes
Plat Area - No
Pets - No
Docking - No
Beach - Yes

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