Nunavut Hunting Lodges and Resorts
Nunavut Hunting Lodges and Resorts
Canada Hunting Lodges and Resorts

Nunavut hunting lodges and resorts are an adventure destination...

Hunting in Nunavut offers sportsmen the most thrilling big game hunts in North America. Nunavut lodge and resort outfitters offer hunt camps with experienced guides and supplies for both archery hunters and rifle hunters.

Nunavut offers a wonderful variety of big game hunting opportunities, including polar bear, muskox, barren ground grizzly bear, wolf, barren ground caribou and the Arctic Island caribou. Small game, ducks and geese are also seasonally abundant.

The Caribou begins its migration in early August from the calving grounds on the Arctic Coast on the way southward. Guides throughout the area will provide you with the best opportunity to take a trophy caribou and the hunt of a lifetime.
There are countless areas to hunt and the various outfitters, hunting lodges, and resorts are available to provide guides and supplies.

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Caribou - Muskox - Wolf - Grizzly and Polar Bear Hunts

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