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Northwest Territories hunting lodges and resorts for a great hunting adventure destination...

Here's a place where you really can get away from it all!
The ultimate trophy hunting or fishing adventure in the pristine environment bordering the Arctic Circle in Canada's Northwest Territories.

And it's fairly easy to travel to the Northwest Territories, with convenient jet airline transportation from major cities.

Come to the Northwest Territories in the fall for some spectacular wing shooting and enjoying the most colourful season of the year. Lying along the edge of the Canadian Shield, the North Arm of Great Slave Lake is a traditional fall staging area for thousands of waterfowl from all four continental flyways. This is a hard core duck hunt with a variety of species.

The Caribou begins its migration in early August from the calving grounds on the Arctic Coast on the way southward. Guides throughout the area will provide you with the best opportunity to take a trophy caribou and the hunt of a lifetime.
There are countless areas to hunt and the various outfitters, hunting lodges, and resorts are available to provide guides and supplies.
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Caribou - Muskox - Wolf - Grizzly and Polar Bear Hunts

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